Silent 2 Electro Kit

(meets FAI Class 13,5m)

Everything required to build your Silent is included in the kit except paint and tools. If you are buying the Electro version, you will receive also batteries, motor and propeller. If needed, batteries can be purchased after months.

In all cases, critical and difficult-to-make components are prefabricated using Alisport factory tooling/jigs and supplied in ready-to-use or near ready-to-use condition. This leaves the less-critical construction steps, assembly, and finishing to the builder. For example, the fuselage halves are joined, tubular steel structures are pre-welded and powder coated, the spars are complete with precision jigged spar-pin bushings, and the sandwich wing skins are bonded to the spar and rib.

This approach has the advantage of assuring those builders without previous construction experience that their Silent 2 will have the structural integrity and performance capability as intended by the factory.

A very detailed and extensively illustrated Construction and Workshop Manual is supplied with the kit. We conservatively estimate that a first-time builder can complete a Silent 2 in about 500 hours; another 150 hours are required to complete a Silent 2 Electro self-launch version.


13.5 m, 44.55 ft

Wing area

9 m2, 95.8 ft2

Aspect Ratio


Fuselage length

6.34 m, 21 ft

Maximum pay load (Typ)

100 kg, 220 lb

Wing load factors

+5.3g/-2.65g (at 150kph and 315kg)

Maximum wing loading

35 kg/m2 (at 315 kg)

Best glide (VbL/D)

1:40 at 90kph, 1:40 at 48 kn

Minimum sink (VbMS)

0.6 m/s at 85kph, 1.12 kn at 46 kn

Stall speed (VS)

< 65kph, <35 kn

Manoeuvring speed (VA)

150 kph, 81 kn

Maximum speed (VNE)

220 kph, 119 kn

Motor power

22 kW

Motor weight

9.5 kg

Propeller diameter

1 m

Propeller speed (max)

4,500 rpm

Battery capacity (max)

4.3 kWh

Rate of climb (max power)

>2 m/s, >4 kn