Silent 2 Targa Pure Kit

Silent 2 TARGA Quick-Build Kits are amongst the most complete available.
Alisport is pleased to offer two versions:


Everything required to build your sailpiane is included in the kits except upholstery. paint. and tools- A complete Upgrade Kit (including engine. propeller. belt-reduction drive, fuel-injection & mapped electronic ignition system. pre-welded and painted pylon. screw-jack. fuel tank. battery. and wiring harness) is available for builders who would rather convert their Silent 2 TARGA to the self-launch version at a later date.

In all cases, critical and difficult-to-make components are prefabricated using Alisport factory tooling/jigs and supplied in ready-to-use or near ready-to-use condition. This leaves the less-critical construction steps, assembly & finishing to the builder. For example, the fuselage halves are joined, tubular steel structures are pre-welded and powder coated. The spars are complete with precision jigged spar-pin bushings. and the sandwich wing skins are bonded to the spars and ribs. This approach has the advantage of assuring those builders without previous construction experience
that their Silent 2 TARGA will have the structural integrity and performance capability as intended by the factory.
A very detailed and extensively illustrated Construction and Workshop Manual is supplied with the Kit. We conservatively estimate that a first-time builder can complete a Silent 2 TARGA in about 500 hours: another 150 hours are required to complete a Silent 2 TARGA self-launch version.