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Exceptional handling and performance. Autonomous launching provides freedom, independence and opportunities.

It has wings with an elliptical planform. The wings are unique in that they vary non-linearly in both chord length and profile for the entire span. The wing structure is entirely composite with carbon and glass sandwich skins

Assembly is simple thanks to the one-person electric rig . This system is very convenient for those times when assistance from another person is unavailable.

It is defined in Europe as a sport and recreation aircraft and therefore maintenance can be performed by qualified persons without the need to use certified “repair facilities”.
It has the lowest empty weight and the highest wing loading in class, while still meeting the European regulations for MTOW of 300 kg ( 660 lbs ) for single seat sailplanes and will allow a pilot weight up to 105 kg ( 237 lbs ).

The carbon-fiber wings are produced using industry-leading alloy-steel molds (as opposed to aluminum molds which have an expansion coefficient mismatch or composite molds which tend to creep over time). The massive one-piece molds, which require large computer-numerical control milling machines to produce, maintain the best fidelity to the design geometry and dimensional stability of the wing surfaces, both during curing and over the life of the airframe.
The structure has extensive use of carbon and glass fibers

The wing spar with its “I” beam cross section, is built from pultruded round carbon-fiber rods submerged in an epoxy resin matrix

The horizontal tailplane has an innovative variable-incidence elliptical stabilizer. The angle of incidence is driven by the flap setting. The flaps and stabilizer can actually be used to control airspeed in the event of an elevator malfunction – an important safety feature.
Pitch control is via a traditional elevator, but the need for a spring-compensated trim system is completely eliminated since the variable-incidence stabilizer sets the desired speed based on flap setting.

It has a fully retractable main wheel with sealed wheel-well and hinged doors.

Fully automatic flight control connections to the fuselage for the wings and horizontal tailplane.

The excellent performance values are obtained with a wing span of 13.3 m , instead of 15.0 m . Ground handling and storage is easier.

The vertical – design winglets are optimized for mid-range and high speeds
The FADEC system adjusts the mixture as a function of density altitude. The system also enrichens the mixture for starting based on density altitude and temperature. There is no manual choke or mixture adjustment.
It has a 28hp single-cylinder engine designed and manufactured exclusively for this application and is equipped with a counter balance shaft to reduce engine vibration
The engine has digital engine control and electronic fuel-injection. Unlike carbureted systems, it has the advantage of total absence of fuel odors in the cockpit and reliable engine starting under all temperature conditions.

The single-blade propeller takes up less space and results in an engine bay of reduced dimensions, the counterbalanced teetering design results in a smooth running propeller system.