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The electric self-launch version of the Silent Club sailplane is the world's first series production electric-powered aircraft. It is the most environmentally friendly solution available, satisfying the mutually exclusive objectives of minimum noise, 42 dB max, and an exceptional climb rate. The DC motor and the folding two-blade large-diameter propeller provide maximum efficiency. In less than 5 minutes of quiet climbing, the electric Silent Club can reach an altitude of 600 - 700 meters (2000 - 2300 ft) without the need for headphones to use the radio. Engine retraction is rapid, allowing soaring flight to begin almost immediately.

Thanks to its sink rate of 0.75 m/s (150 fpm), an efficiency greater than 31:1, and its incomparable ease of handling, the electric Silent Club assures exceptional flying. Precise landings are a result of low stall speed and excellent glide path control with conventional air-brakes. Special batteries with an advanced charging system make electric Silent Club easy to use. The electric self-launch Silent Club has been certified in Germany under that country's light aircraft category and it has been subjected to numerous tests published in the Summer 1997, including the controlled destructive testing of two airframes. Electric propulsion is incredibly quiet, clean, safe, reliable, and virtually maintenance-free. For additional information on the electric Silent Club, see Dr. Duranti's article in Aerokurier (pdf file 682 kb), or visit the AirEnergy website.

Stall speed (VA): 65 km/h
Maximum speed (VNE): 

180 km/h

Max L/D: > 31 at 98 km/h
Minimum sink rate: 0.78 m/s at 75 km/h
Take-off distance: < 200 m
Landing distance: 100 m
Climb rate with engine: > 2.0 m/s
Engine power: 13 kW
Engine speed: 3400 rpm
Engine weight: 8.5 kg
Weight of batteries: 40 kg
Battery capacity: 1.4 kWh
Standard charge time: 35/45 min at 220V

Technical Data
Wing span: 12 m
Length: 6.35 m
Height: 1.25 m
Aspect ratio: 14
Wing area: 10.3 m2
Planform: Constant (w/sheared tips)
Profile: IMD 002 (18%)
Empty weight: 200 kg
Max payload:

100 kg

Max take-off weight:

300 kg

Wing load factors: +4.6 g / -2.6 g
(at 300 Kg)
Propeller diameter: 29 kg/m2
Propeller speed: 1300 rpm
Air brakes: Conventional
Fully automatic control connections

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